Viewing the VC

You will receive your own conference login information. 

Everyone who wishes to participate in the Supporting Success Virtual Conference must register as an individual. You will receive an individual login and password by email prior to the launch of the conference, so you can access your conference account and view sessions from January 15 – April 15, 2023. If you have not received your login information, please contact with VC Login Needed in the subject line.


Watch any time. 

You can watch whichever courses you registered for, in whatever order, and whenever you wish – 24/7 for the 90 day length of the conference. You can go back and rewatch some or all of the course modules if you wish, throughout the 3-month conference period.



There will be an opportunity to comment via chat box with other conference participants. Get involved in positive exchanges and information sharing!



Viewing as a Group:

 Based on information from prior Virtual Conferences, about 20% of registrants view courses together. The big advantage to a recorded course is that you can pause a module at any time to discuss concepts or how to implement strategies in your situation. Viewing in a group encourages discussion during the included engagement activities and overall, improves the learning experience and likelihood of implementing take-away strategies. Each registered person would login to their conference account individually to download the materials that go along with the course (e.g., PPT handout). When viewing as a group, one person logs into their conference account and shows the course modules via an LCD projector with attached speakers. Only registered virtual conference participants are allowed to view the informationAfter completing the course, each registrant would login to their conference account to take the course quiz, and when passed successfully, download their certificate or CEU letters. Even after the group has viewed a course, registered individuals can log back into the course and rewatch any portions of the course.  There is no discount on registration for viewing as a group.



Obtaining CEUs

Each module of each course must be completed, and the brief quiz passed, before CEU certificate(s) can be downloaded. You have until the last day of the conference, April 15th, to download your CEU certificate(s).  CEU CERTIFICATES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AFTER THE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE CLOSES. 




We honor requests for refunds for course registration received prior to the January 15, 2023 launch of the virtual conference. Contact